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Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

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Cold-pressed Sesame oil is a light, nutritious oil obtained from sesame seeds. Sesame oil may not be the most popular oil in our times, but it was the most sought after oil in Ancient India. One of the earliest and profound writers on Ayurveda, Charaka in his Charaka Samhita mentions that sesame oil is the best oil.

Sesame oil has got many powerful therapeutic and medicinal properties. Sesame seed has one of the highest oil content in oilseeds known. With a wonderful nutty taste and unique aroma, sesame seed oil is rich in nutrients its known for its high vitamin E content that is beneficial to your health in many ways. Owing to its countless qualities, it is known as the “Queen of Oils”.

  • Rich source of Vitamin E
  • Enhance cognitive strength
  • Helps fight cancer
  • Reduces joint pain
  • Reduces hearth disease risk
  • Treats dry skin & boost hair growth

High in Vitamin E

Vitamin E is actually the name for a group of fat-soluble compounds that have many important functions in the body. The main role of vitamin E is to function as an antioxidant, protecting the body from harmful substances called free radicals. Just one tablespoon of peanut oil contains approx 11% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin E.

Promotes heart health

Groundnut oil has monounsaturated fatty acids, like oleic acid, and it increases the levels of good cholesterol, which is called as HDL. It is beneficial cholesterol that helps to scrape off and reduce bad cholesterol LDL thus, lessening the risk of developing heart diseases and strokes.

Boosts immune system

Groundnut oil boosts immunity. Viral and fungal infections are susceptible to antioxidants thus consuming groundnut oil can keep you healthy by stimulating white blood cell production to remove foreign agents from your body.

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